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The Story of Indiana Rose

Indiana Rose is an author from Canterbury, New Zealand. She lives in a rural town with her two dogs, Tigger and Osha, and spends her weekends by the beach, at cafes, or creating cosy spaces in her home where she can retreat to read or write. Having written creatively since she was six years old, Indiana always dreamed of pursing a life of literature and becoming a full-time author. In June 2022, Indiana released her debut novel, Scars of Salt and Silver, the first in a NA (new adult) fantasy adventure series. Since the release of Scars, she has released the sequel, Dance of Devils and Daylight, and is currently working on third instalment as well as the first book in a new dark fantasy series.

Indiana loves immersing herself in fictitious worlds, and is a proud supporter of other authors. She envisions a future of helping other writers unlock their flair for fiction by organising writing retreats in the South Island of New Zealand. She understands that writing can be an escape, a journey, a love affair, or a way to discover one's self, and hopes to be able to help other writers hone their creativity and achieve their artistic goals.

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