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Enter the world of the Legion of Thieves

A thrilling new fantasy world awaits, where the lives of peasants and pirates collide. In this epic series, magic is discovered, hearts are broken, kingdoms are stolen, and everyone must do what they can to survive...whatever the cost. Fall in love with a rag-tag team of morally-grey characters, and decide for yourself who can be trusted, and who cannot.


ScaRs Of Salt and SilVer
Legion Of Thieves Book One

What would you do if you lived in constant fear of your past?

Haunted by the pirates who burned your city, exploited by the people who pulled you from the ashes... 


Freya Willowray carries a life debt: to repay her saviours with secrets.She wants freedom. She wants control. But the world works in wicked ways, and for every desire there is a price to be paid.When an unruly sailor asks Freya to draw a map - a map she thought had been lost alongside her parents -, she sees an opportunity to settle the score of her life. But darker forces are at work, and Freya is merely a pawn in the ultimate game of secrets and survival.​



DanCe Of DeVils and DayLighT
Legion Of Thieves Book TwO

Danger lurks in the darkness. And darkness lurks within her...

Freya Willowray thought she had escaped her past. But now it is hunting her.
Far from the wicked rule of Orlenea's new queen, she finds herself plagued by whispers of darkness - harbouring a power that does not belong to her. To understand what is becoming of her, she needs help from the last person she would ever trust...

Now a pirate captain, Hex has never had more freedom - or more responsibility. But he still answers to the Legion of Thieves, and they are calling his name.
Suddenly the fate of the world is in his hands. To succeed, he will need Freya on his side. But with hatred and heartache standing between them, can she be trusted to ally against a common enemy?
And with the kingdoms on the brink of war, will there be anything left to save?

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